1. Welding EquipmentThis MMA welder is a portable, powerful, easy to use machine which is able to handle MMA, AC/DC TIG, MIG welding. With an input voltage ranged from 95V to 275V... View All
    1. Cutting EquipmentThis professional plasma cutter adopts contact arc starting, which is suitable for thick plate and grid plate cutting. The maximum cutting thickness can reach 45mm. View All
Our Welding Equipment Range
About Shanghai WTL Welding Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

WTL was established in 1993 as a professional welding equipment manufacturer specializing in producing and supplying inverter welding machines and steel cutting machines for clients all over the world. We have an extensive range of high-quality welding products for a variety of applications, including MIG Equipment, TIG Equipment, MMA Equipment, and more. At WTL, we are happy to share our welding technology knowledge and help our customers in selecting the most suitable welding equipment for their needs. By guaranteeing quality improvements, we are able to be the trusted welding equipment manufacturer so many people rely on, and thus, in turn, allowing our customers to compete in a highly competitive field for welded structures for added value. For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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